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Redefining the Limits of Rules and Mechanics

Songs of Maka
Silverjay Studio, Team of 12
2021.09 - Now
Level designer, Experience designer 
Reception:  CUSGA 2022, Best Visuals (Nomination)
This is a long-term project of Silverjay Studio. We plan to release the game on Steam in 2025.

Wander through the vast kingdom of the birds.

A story of bravery, growth, love, and sorrow.

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Re:Live Remake
SIlverjay Studio, Team of 5
2022.3 - Now
Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer
Best Overall Game, Global Game Jam 2022
The remake of Re:Li3D Puzzle Narrative Single-Player Game is a long-term project that Explores the Intersection of Materialism and Spirituality.

Having the main theme of duality, the core gameplay of this game is to build the path for two lost souls to navigate  through an unknown space.

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Web Zhou BG.png
Web Capsuled BG.png
Web entangled BG.png
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Global Game Jam 2023, Team of 5
Lead Designer
Best Overall Game (New York)
Entangled is a 2D cooperative puzzle game that challenges players' collaboration and communication skills through a creative approach on the theme of roots.

The core mechanic of this game is navigating through the growth of roots. While players share a common goal, they have to prevent roots bumping into each other.

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Ludum Dare 54, Team of 9
Producer, Lead Designer, Lead UI/UX Designer
#4 in Graphics out of 1597 teams
Capsuled is an innovative 2D puzzle game that explored the concept of limited space through a creative manner.

The core mechanic focuses on managing space within various containers, extending beyond the literal meaning of containers.

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Team Development, Team of 4
2023.02 - Now
Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer
Zhou is a 2D horror game that breaks the fourth wall between players and devices. It focuses on the concept of duality in it’s puzzle solving mechanics.

The core mechanics involve space exploration and logic puzzle-solving, all set within a mysterious narrative in a small Chinese town.

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GMTK 2023
Solo Development
#174 in Creativity out of 6738 teams
Composition is a 2D puzzle game developed for GMTK Jam 2023. It explores the concept of reversed roles through the alternation of fundamental rules in games.

The core mechanics center on platform jumping, with the twist that players can reverse the roles of basic components within the platformer genre.

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Night of Chaos
CIGA Game Jam 2022, Team of 6
Lead Designer, 2D Artist
Night of Chaos is a 2D puzzle game that explores the concept of tricks through pattern puzzles. Players are challenged on their routine planning skills.

The core mechanic involves routine planning within a confined space, requiring players to carefully navigate through it.

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Weapon Master
Solo Development
Weapon Master is a 2D action game that focuses on enhancing game feel.

The core mechanics focus on eliminating as many enemies as possible within a sixty-second timeframe.

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