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Igniting the spark of creativity

Hello! I'm Henk (Qingyuan) Fan, currently an undergraduate student pursuing degree in Game Design at in New York University.

My journey into the gaming realm began at the tender age of six, with a single computer as my gateway to boundless virtual worlds. Over the years, my growing palette of gaming experiences has fueled a fervent passion for creating games that resonate with the heart and challenge the mind.

My game design philosophy is built on three pillars: enjoyment, entertainment, and influence. I steadfastly believe in the transformative power of games — they are more than mere pastime; they are a conduit for unity in our increasingly fragmented society. For this manner, I aim to forge experiences that reignite the joy of communal play, reminding us of all of the shared laughter and the untainted spirit of play that binds us.

+1 718 734 7688
Work Experiences
Silverjay Studio
2022.6 - Now
Lead Designer
Silverjay Studio is a student-organized game studio based in New York City. It is founded in 2021, and currently it has 14 full-time members.
Silver Jay Studio.png
Giant Network
2021.9 - 2022.3
2D, 3D Artist
Giant Network is an A-share listed company under Giant Group, an internet enterprise driven by innovation, dedicated to providing products or services with core value, allowing users to enjoy the convenience brought by innovation. The company adheres to the development philosophy of focus, user priority, and transparent management.
Giant Network.png
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