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2022.3 - Now

PC | 3D | Puzzle Game 

Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer


Being the Best Overall Game for Global Gamejam 2021, the remake of "Re:Live - Bound by Love" is a 3d expansion that inspired by the game's innovative gameplay. The game is unfolded by its romance narrative through the blending interactive storytelling and puzzle-solving game experiences. The core game mechanic, centered around the concept of duality, enabled players to manipulate dual maps and shape distinct pathways for each character, embodying the game's core theme of interconnected fates.


Best Overall Game, Global Gamejam 2021

My Role

In my capacity as the lead developer for this extensive project, my responsibilities were multifaceted, encompassing strategic oversight, hands-on development, and artistic direction. My role was crucial in steering the project's vision and execution across various domains, including gameplay mechanics, level design, and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) development.



Prototype of a level (Still in development)

UI/UX Design


Chapter selection concept UI

Level selection concept UI

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