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PC | 2D | Puzzle Game 

Producer | Lead Designer | Lead UI/UX Designer


“Capsuled” is a block-fitting puzzle game set in a dystopian, cyberpunk city dominated by corrupt corporations. In this cramped, stifling environment, players must adapt their strategies to navigate diverse scenarios. The game explores the theme of limited space through the concept of various containers while extending beyond their literal meaning.


A container could be a box, a room, a city, or a planet. We are all capsuled inside various containers while we strive to pursue our lifestyle.


Ludum Dare 54, #4 in graphics out of 1597 teams


Henk Fan, Ashley Shi, Qiqi Chen, Ming Wang, Qihao Feng, Xiaolong Wang, Xiangfei Kong,

Sallya Jiang

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