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Social Deduction Board Game

Producer | Lead Designer | Lead Artist


Lealta is a social deduction game designed over three weeks. It is an iteration of a previous social deduction game titled Kin and Bones. Kin and Bones was inspired by the fairy tale, “The Singing Bone.” The centerpiece of Kin and Bones was the titular Singing Bone, a flute constructed from the bone of a murdered boy. When played, the Bone sings the truth of the boy’s murder. From several iterations of this premise, we landed on wanting to use the bone to reveal the contents of a person’s inventories. From there, we developed Lealta. The main inspirations this game draws from are Avalon: The Resistance, Secret Hitler, and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.


Henk Fan, Matthew Apuya, Zoey San Deigo, Tiffany Yu


LEALTA page1_4x.png
LEALTA page2_4x.png
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